Beamer Rock Lighthouse

McIntyre Masonry had been awarded the contract for the safe removal of the Beamer Rock Lighthouse that seats near Port Edgar.

The Beamer Rock Lighthouse, which was built in 1826, has been protecting mariners for almost 186 years. It silently guards the entrance to the Rosyth dockyard and inner Forth and has been an important landmark in South Queensferry for many generations.

After more than a century of service, the 20-foot tall lighthouse had to be dismantled and removed so as to make way for the construction of the new Forth crossing. Based on the Forth replacement crossing’s design plan, the place where Beamer Rock stands had to be used as the foundation for one of the bridge’s three towers.

According to the client’s criteria, the presence of highly skilled and experienced stone masons was necessary to ensure the Beamer Rock Lighthouse will be safely taken down and properly stored, so as to allow the possibility for the lighthouse to be re-erected at a suitable home within the area later on.

After assessing the credentials of our stonemasons, McIntyre Masonry had been awarded the contract for Beamer Rock Lighthouse project. Our work involved the careful removal of the lighthouse using a barge equipped with a crane, which ensured the structure was not damaged during the process.