Dryden Tower

Dryden tower is situated in Roslin overlooking Bilston, Midlothian. The tower was built mid 19th century by Dryden estates as a hilltop eye catcher although some locals informed our stonemasons that a shipping contractor also used the tower to check the progress of his cargo ships as they entered the Forth Estuary that can be clearly seen from the towers viewpoint.

McIntyre Masonry was commissioned as the main contractor by Edinburgh University to carry out the following work,

  • Extensive stone replacement, around 10 ton of individual stones cut out and replaced with new to match the original moulded designs.
  • 100% rake out of all pointing and re-pointed in lime mortar, around 15 ton of lime mortar was used.
  • Excavate the courtyard to expose the original stone floor.
  • FabricateĀ and install steel entrance doors to helpĀ prevent vandalism
  • Carve and install stone gargoyle

Please have a look at our before and after photos