Milton Lockhart House

In 1987, the former Milton Lockhart House’s remains were transported and re-erected at Takayama-Murain in the Unma-Ken region of Japan. Years after, the estate where the original Milton Lockhart stood was purchased and a restoration plan was put in motion.

The new owners of the estate decided to build a home similar to the original Milton Lockhart House, calling it the Lockhart Castle. The mansion was built using modern technology and eco-friendly construction methods so as to capture the appearance of the previous house.

Reliable stonemasons, McIntyre Masonry is pleased to be a part of this high-profile new build. We were responsible for the on-site construction of the new stone features and the off-site dressing of the new stone units. After the work was completed, the Lockhart Castle proves to be a great addition to the estate and looks as though it has been there for a long time