Stonemsons in Ayrshire

McIntyre Masonry provides stonemasonry services throughout Ayshire. Majority of the services we provide in the area are catered to residential clients, though we also provide restoration, cleaning and conservation solutions for commercial clients within the area.

As all our stonemasonry are masters of the trade and have years of experience doing a wide variety of masonry work, we are confident that all the projects we are commissioned to do are made with great attention to detail and are delivered within the given timeframes.

So if you are in the Ayrshire area and you have masonry projects that you want to get done on time and are guaranteed to last for long, McIntyre Masonry is the company you should consider. Contact us today and let us discuss how we can assist you in your project.

Stonemsonry projects in Ayrshire

Ballochmyle House, Ayrshire

Ballochmylle House required extensive restoration work as it was in bad shape after left unused for years. McIntyre Masonry was responsible for repairing the exterior facing of the building. Our team carried out the lime mortar pointing of the structure’s façade as well as the natural stone replacement that included its window sills, moulded cornice and moulded chimney copes among others. Today, Ballochmylle House is back in shape and has been sectioned off and sold as luxury flats.