Stonemasons Falkirk & Stirling

Falkirk and Stirling are two other areas where we provide our stonemasonry services. The primary services we carry out in these two areas are typically residential private work such as chimney repair, exterior restoration and masonry cleaning among others.

As we always seek for the preservation and enhancement of masonry structures, we make sure that we only utilize the right materials, tools and equipment for our projects. Nonetheless, our stonemasons are the best among the trade, which only means that they carry out work with great attention to detail. All these ensure that every project we tackle are made with the highest quality of craftsmanship.

Got a project that you would like to accomplish, but do not know where or how to get started? McIntyre Masonry might just be the company you need to make that happen. We are just a phone call away. Give us a call and we will be happy to provide advice on your project.


One of the projects we have recently finished in Falkirk is a gable and chimney restoration for a residential client in Gartcows Road.

Both the gable and chimney required replacement and lime mortar painting as they were not in great shape. For the gable, our stonemasons raked out the cement pointing and rear elevation of the structure. Its rubble stone was also cut out and replaced, building back in lime mortar. Then, indenting work was done to the gable’s decretive window surround. The entire gable was also repointed using traditional methods, tools and materials.

As for the chimney, our stonemasons had to dismantle the entire structure to full assess its condition. Usable sandstone was salvaged from the chimney. Blockage in the flue was removed and new replacement stones were prepared. Then, our stonemasons rebuilt the chimney, installing new internal feathers, tying in stonework with additional s/s fixings. Chimney pots were re-haunched and the structure was pointed using lime mortar. After the work was done and the chimney was in place, broken slates were repaired and the lead water gate was reinstated.

Today, both the gable and chimney are fully functional and are in good working condition.