Stonemasonry services in the Scottish Borders

McIntyre Masonry provides a full range of stone masonry services throughout the Scottish Borders. We have been involved in numerous stone masonry projects both for residential and commercial clients throughout the region, including structural alterations, lime and mortar pointing and chimney repairs among others. We have earned an enviable reputation when it comes to premier quality service, so if you are looking for stone masons in the Scottish Borders, we are here to provide the help you need in addressing a wide variety of stonework problems and preserving existing buildings.

Our Current Scottish Borders Projects

Bowden Pant Well, Scottish Borders

One of our recent projects in the Scottish Borders area was the stone restoration work carried out on the Bowden Pant Wall.

Bowden Pant Wall is an iconic relic standing in the centre of Bowden Village. Its prominence and significance to the village’s history can be credited to the fact that it is the lone surviving safe public drinking water supply structure in Bowden among the three that were built during the 1900’s. The term ‘pant’ is said to refer to the pan or trough that collects the water. Technically, the structure is a cistern and not a well, and it has a tank that originally held around 600 gallons of water coming from a natural spring.

The iconic landmark used to be a place where past villagers met and discuss local news while waiting for their turn to fetch water. Historic photographs of the pant even showed that it was embellished with notices. It is believed that the pant was used for its original purpose until around 1930s and was listed as a historic landmark in 2003 by Historic Scotland.

The previous repairs of the Bowden Pant Well along with the impact of water damage and inadequate rainwater drainage were the primary causes of the pant’s accelerated stone decay and deteriorating masonry facing. In order to ensure its long term use and to preserve the history that goes with Bowden Pant Well, we had thoroughly attended to the restoration of the structure’s stonework, slates, cobbled troughs and surround. Today, Bowden Pant Well looks like new and continues to lend a rich character and history to the village and people of Bowden.