Stonemason services in West Lothian

McIntyre Masonry provides stonemasonry services throughout West Lothian. While most of our work in the area is focused in private home builds, we also carry our different projects for commercial clients and the area’s local authorities. If you reside in West Lothian and are looking for reliable stonemasons who can work on the masonry project you have in mind, McIntyre Masonry boast the best stonemasons whom you can easily employ. Just give us a call today so we can go over your project and let our stonemasons deliver the results that you desire.

West Lothian Stonemasonry Projects

Private House Builds

We have an established reputation in West Lothian as we have carried out a number of prestigious private house builds in the area that truly stand out. We have also participated in the restoration of four of the famous Landmarks in Livingstone, which were the roundabout artwork designed by artist David Wilson. The said project cemented our position as the trusted stonemasonry company in the area.