Chimney Repairs

Masonry chimneys are built for durability, however, that does not mean they are not vulnerable to damage. Frequent exposure to the elements can lead to minor failure, for example, failed pointing or cracked stones and when left unchecked, these things could lead to the eventual failure of the chimneys themselves.

No facility manager or homeowner would want to deal with a failed chimney. The best way to avoid that is to have it regularly maintained and immediately repaired once signs of wear and tear have been noticed.

McIntyre Masonry is a specialist in carrying out chimney repairs for both commercial and residential clients throughout Scotland. We provide premier solutions for all kinds of chimney problems, including repairing coping stones, repointing, chimney design improvement and full chimney rebuild. So whether the problem is missing or damaged masonry units, displaced flashing or prevention of weather damage, trust that we have the right solution suitable to the requirements.