New Build

More and more people are opting to use natural stone and other masonry materials for the construction of their homes or commercial spaces. This is not surprising at all, given that these materials can be designed to complement a wide variety of styles, not to mention that they are proven to last for a very long time.

McIntyre Masonry is proud to say that we have been involved in the construction of some of Scotland’s prestigious properties that utilised stone and other masonry products as their primary materials. We have worked closely with our clients to better understand their needs and we have delivered the results that do not disappoint. Many of our new-build projects are standing beautifully for everyone else to appreciate.

If you are planning to have a new home built or you want an office space constructed for your business, open yourself up to the design possibilities that the use of natural stone and other masonry products can provide. Then, get in touch with McIntyre Masonry so we can help turn your dream building into a reality.

Want some inspiration? We would be more than happy to show you our comprehensive new build portfolio. Get in touch with us today!