Stone Supply Scotland

The services of McIntyre Masonry are not only limited to construction, restoration and conservation of masonry structures. Because we believe that all good masonry work always begins with the right materials, we extended our services to cover stone supply.

Over the years, we have developed a strong working relationship with the leading natural sandstone quarries in the UK. This, in turn, enables us to obtain a wide variety of stone types that fit different projects and requirements. Beyond that, however, our team of highly trained stone dressers can also hand-dress stones using traditional methods to achieve the authentic finish. This is particularly important for restoration projects where there is a need for the new stones to match the look of the existing masonry so as to preserve the character and historical value of the structure.

Given that stone supply is a crucial part of any masonry contract, we strongly believe that it should be handled by a stone specialist that understands the value of the stone and has years of experience using such material. McIntyre Masonry certainly fits the bill and we are more than happy to supply clients with the type of stone that best suits their needs or requirements.