Structural Alterations

Structural alterations are important aspects of restoration or rehabilitation projects, especially for traditional or historical buildings, as they ensure that the structures meet national safety standards. Most building contracts that involve structural alterations include elements of demolition as well as the integration of additional support or stability to the structure. Because structural alterations can be quite complex and can put the structure at risk of accidental damage, the work involved should be carried out by experienced tradesmen to ensure successful results.

McIntyre Masonry has tackled several structural alteration projects in the past, all with successful results. To ensure we do things the right way, we do a great deal of research on the structure involved, enabling us to have a better understanding of the task at hand. We then use our assessments to come up with the most appropriate corrective measures that will address the structural issue altogether without inflicting damage to the building.

With our wealth of experience in doing structural alterations, we are confident that we have the right people who can work alongside engineers to take even the most complex projects. So whether you want to create openings for new doors or windows, move internal openings in load-bearing walls or anything in between, rest assured that McIntyre Masonry can provide the best solution for your needs.